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Cloud VPN - Proxy Server - Unlimited

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Unfortunately, there are forces who don’t want some information to be free. Some countries block content for political reasons, some for commercial or legal, protecting the population from piracy, heresy, propaganda or disclosures. The developers can restrict the access to their products for particular countries or regions. VPN is a master-key for these locks. Let the sites you visit and the apps you use recognize your location, as if you were in US, UK or another country. As we watch the situation in Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, Arabic countries, even Germany and the USA, Internet censorship and espionage grow stronger. Big Brother is still watching you, while you only watch what you’re allowed to. Unless you’re slick enough to use underground ways. Formerly known as “Cloud VPN Free and Unlimited,” now the app has changed its name, as it’s still unlimited, but no longer free. But the possibility to substitute your country or even identity is priceless.

Design 9/10

The app doesn’t need to be seen at all, except for the moment you launch it. And even then it only takes one button to get connected and start working. This minimalism is just what you need from an auxiliary service. Cloud VPN is not a self-sufficient value, it’s an assistance for other services. They say assistants in the lab should be seen, not heard; an assistant app should not even be seen. The launcher may be of no need at all if you use a special widget. With it, you can get connected to any selected server in the outer world.

Functionality 9/10

The app is meant for substituting your real location with some mock one, though based on real hardware facilities. Cloud services used as your proxies are located in US, UK, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, and France. The app offers you constant work, no bandwidth limitations and unlimited numbers of connections. No matter whether you use cellular connection (3/4G) or Wi-Fi, Cloud VPN works on both. The speed provided by intermediate servers is sufficient for you not to notice any slowdowns. For example, you’d like to watch Sky Sports, but you’re not from Britain? Just select UK servers in your settings, and Sky Sports will recognize you as a British user, so you can subscribe and watch. An excellent option is a built-in possibility to relaunch popular apps from within Cloud VPN.

After you restart your Facebook, YouTube, Skype, Viber, Chrome, Firefox or some other app from within Cloud VPN app, you get it connecting to the outer world from those transit servers. Even if you don’t need to overcome location-based restrictions, the app lets you browse sites anonymously and leave your comments under an alias not connected to your “official” social identity. The service bypasses firewalls and Internet filters while you’re at work or university. So all their restrictions are no problems for you, Cloud VPN does them like it does global ones. Another useful feature is hiding your activity from public Wi-Fi networks you get connected through.

All your traffic within Cloud VPN is hidden and protected from snoopy admins so that you can feel secure even in insecure public places. In fact, with Cloud VPN you wear a Guy Fawkes mask on your phone or tablet that makes you truly anonymous.

Ease of Use 9/10

The Pro subscription also offers a home screen widget allowing you to control Cloud VPN with one touch. It helps you to launch Cloud VPN with the server you need, let it be US, Canadian or some European server. One of the most important features is access speed. You won’t notice even the slightest slowdown due to another server in your traffic’s way. Users report that speed provided by Cloud VPN is sometimes faster than the connection to your provider, so you’ll get all possible MBPS from it. This app is only meant for Android, and it requires at least Android 4.1. It’s hard to imagine a security-concerned user with an older device now, anyhow.

The developer doesn’t even feature its official site; the official support is hosted by email. While you can download and try Cloud VPN Pro for free, the free usage is restricted to one week. During that period you will suffer from annoying ads. By the way, this trial week starts as you install Cloud VPN, so it makes no sense to download Cloud VPN “in advance” and open it when you need it. The countdown starts immediately. One month of living with Cloud VPN will cost you $3.99. There is also ad-free PRO version that costs $1.99. This payment will remove ads and add some features like home screen widget.

Unfortunately, there are forces who don’t want some information to be free. Some countries block content for political reasons, some for commercial or legal, protecting the population from piracy, heresy, propaganda or disclosures. The developers can restrict the access to their products for p...

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  • Selection of different virtual locations
  • Simple interface
  • Widget simplifying connection through VPN
  • Launching popular apps from within the app
  • Works with 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi


  • Paid use only after evaluation period
  • No free version
  • Android only supported, so you can’t use your subscription on other OS

Interface 9

Features 9

Usability 9

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