Dropbox Massive Relaunch Details Revealed

2019-06-12 15:15

Developers of Dropbox has changed the interface of the application and made integration with other services more effective and simple. There was reworked not only the desktop version of the cloud storage but also the mobile program. Representatives of the company claim it's one of the biggest updates of the application's interface.

New principles of Dropbox performance

The team decided to turn storage space into some kind of launcher with all necessary files and links. There can be found documents and fragmented work tools. Now, users can not only just save and extract something, view comments but also edit images and sign PDF files with partner applications in the service.

There were added shortcuts to the web content. I can say that work with such productivity tools as Trello, Wiki pages, and various articles will be simpler and faster. Integration with G Suite content was improved, which means that it will be more convenient to work with such Google services as Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. The additional function of consolidated search allows looking for files that are kept somewhere in Dropbox.

This service will also help you to connect to such platforms as Slack, Zoom, and Atlassian to share files with team members from the context menu. It meaningfully saves time and makes the performance more effective.

For example, it's possible to start a video conference in Zoom or to connect to it when there happen Dropbox content sharing and viewing. In addition, users will be able to send files to Slack channels.

Another important improvement is that it's easier to find and organize multiple files. The new desktop application will allow you to attach frequently used files, and the search panel will show both synchronized files and files only from the storage cloud.

I’d like to note that Dropbox and Atlassian have invested in Zoom. It means that these services will continue their effective cooperation. So, there should appear some additional features in the coming days.

Deep integration with Atlassian is coming

Right now it makes sense to download the desktop application, but there is only an early access program with updates. Additional features will appear in the coming weeks, and Dropbox assures that all this is "only the first step". In addition, Dropbox and Atlassian are planning to make deep integration of their platforms in the coming months.

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