New Apple Activity Trends

2019-06-09 10:25

I am very interested in various applications that can help me to keep fit. Fortunately, Apple develops new features that will show advanced statistics about users' sports activity and health.

Additional Features in the Activity and Health App

Earlier, Apple Watch-specific Activity app hasn't shown much information and hasn't given some tips. I just could learn how many times I did various exercises per day. New features in Apple's Activity and Health app seem to delivery additional data that may be much more useful.

New function "Activity Trends" will provide graphics with the user's progress and will show what activities he or she should add. Categories there also will have comprehensive statistics about Stand Minutes, Stand Hours, Movement points, Exercise period, VO2 Max (a measurement of maximal blood oxygen intake during exercise), and others.

Health application interface

Unfortunately, it will be impossible to see this information on Apple Watch, and it will be shown only on iPhones, based on iOS 13. Also, it will be necessary to have the previous 365 days of use on Apple Watch because full data about the user's recent activity will be collected and compared there. It's still not clear in what form new function will be present, but the developers say that there will appear coaching with motivational slogans and appropriate suggestions.

Also, I like that Health highlights will show what I do right and where there's regress. Redesign of the application may turn it into a real training manager with useful functions. It will not only store data but also will give necessary advice.

Now, it's unclear to me how the program will act if some measurements are avoided for some time. I wonder whether there will appear some notifications. Also, I'd like to know whether anything will change if I don't make any measurements. So, I can't judge new functions until I have the possibility to try them on iOS 13.

First Steps Towards a Big Goal

I see that Apple tries to create something that will really be helpful for many people who try to keep fit and healthy. Anyway, these are only the first steps to the ideal application.

It's very important for me to be sure that Apple won't stop and will develop this feature. I hope that in the future it will be possible to track information either on my iPhone or on Apple Watch. Also, there should be shown a correlation between sleep, activity, pulse rate, and other factors. Now, I can't say that it's the ideal tool that I was looking for, but it might become one in the future.

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